YouTube doesn’t have any parental controls or limits on kids pages. Google created a separate service called YouTube Kids for this reason. The YouTube Kids app only has kid friendly videos; no adult videos. Just like the YouTube app for Android TV, the YouTube Kids app is also available for Android TV Box.

How to download YouTube Kids for Android TV?

You can get the YouTube Kids app if you have Android TV OS 7.0 or later. If your Android TV is older, you should get a new one. To set up, do this:

  • Go to your Android TV home screen.
  • Select Apps.
  • Click on the picture to go to Play Store.
  • Click on the Search icon to search for YouTube Kids.
  • Select the YouTube Kids icon from the search results.
  • Click Install.
  • Now open the YouTube Kids app on your Android TV.

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YouTube Kids on Android TV: How to turn it on

Follow these steps to turn on YouTube Kids on your Android TV:

Step 1: Enter your birth year in the blanks to verify who you are.

Step 2: Click Sign In to get the verification code.

Step 3: Go to on your phone or computer.

Step 4: Enter the verification code and click Next. Sign in to your Google account.

Step 6: Done! Your Android TV will have the YouTube Kids app.

Step 7: Now your kids can watch any movie on the YouTube Kids app.

Set up YouTube Kids for Android TV

First make sure you are old enough to use the YouTube Kids app on your Android TV. Then connect your Google account. Do this:

Step 1: The Welcome screen will appear when you open the YouTube Kids app. Click Get Started.

Step 2: Enter your birth year on the next screen. This will complete the simple math task.

Step 3: The Terms and Conditions screen will appear. Click I Agree.

Step 4: Select your child’s age group: 4 years old or younger, 5 to 7 years old, 8 to 12 years old.

Step 5: You will get suggestions based on your needs. Click Next.

Step 6: To turn on or off the Search function in the YouTube Kids app, click Turn Search On or Turn Search Off.

Step 7: Click on the message that says Flagging Videos to finish.

Step 8: The YouTube Kids app has four sections: Shows, Music, Learning, Explore. Now watch movies with your kids.

Cast YouTube Kids to Android TV from Computer and Smartphones

The YouTube Kids app and website both have Cast functionality. You can now cast videos from YouTube Kids to an Android TV. Here’s how:

1. From PC with Chrome Browser

  • Turn on your PC and connect to the same Wi-Fi as your Android TV.
  • Open Chrome browser on your PC and go to the YouTube Kids homepage.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the sign in process.
  • You can watch any movie on YouTube Kids.
  • From the play screen click Cast.
  • Select the device, choose your Android TV. The movie will be played on your Android TV.

2. From Android or iOS device

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad or Android TV and phone to the WiFi.
  • Get the YouTube Kids app from the app store (Google or Apple) and set it up.
  • Sign in with your YouTube Kids account.
  • You can watch any YouTube Kids movie on your Android TV by playing it.
  • Tap the Cast button at the top of the app.
  • Choose your Android TV from the list of devices to share with and the YouTube Kids app will appear.

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